Friday, December 5, 2008

Youtube's censorship and the douchebags who support it

So, as of the second of December 2008, YouTube will be "algorithmically demoting" videos that contain swear words and sexually suggestive content (aka women without burkas). No matter how they dress it up, YouTube will now be picking and choosing what videos get the top rated and favorited slots, despite the combined votes of the viewers. With these policies we might as well not vote at all now and just let YouTube tell us what to watch and what to shun.

A marketplace of ideas needs a free and open forum in which to operate in so the opinions in question can be properly examined and critiqued as the people see fit. If this means putting up with annoying illiterate people who swear too much or showing too much skin so be it (mature people shouldn't care about these things anyway). A democratic system is dead if an invisible hand begins to even slightly subvert the voice of the people and in this case, it's dead on YouTube.

There are a few people who are applauding this move such as the person in the vid. Personally, I believe any person who doesn't voice concern about YouTube's censorship is taking their own freedom of speech for granted and is a complete and total fool. But I gave this fool a slightly larger forum for him to voice his stupidity by posting his vid on my little blog, so more people can be thankful they have some more sense than the drooling little muppet above and also to outrage them that this kind of foolishness actually exists and needs to be fought against. (I usually try to not be as crude as this but this seems like a no brainer to me)


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