Thursday, December 25, 2008


All I did was type evolution into Google and then as a joke I typed in "evil" and I get the above website.

OMG, We share the country with these people? These people are actually alive in the 21st century? I'm kinda rattled by this stuff but right now all I can do is at least try to have some fun with it
From the above website:

"The Bible teaches that humanity is sinful, prone to evil and self-destruction. History itself proves this. Look at all the hundreds of millions of people who have been killed over the centuries in bloody war" yeah I wonder how many of those wars have been fought for purely religious reasons...........

"The teaching of evolution is evil, it is a deliberate attempt to shake the faith of young people in a Living and Holy God. Teaching young people that they are animals (mammals) is evil. The Bible teaches that we are not animals, we are human beings (1st Corinthians 15:39). Deliberately educating young people without including God is evil. This is what is so wrong with the public school's what they don't teach." uhhhhhhhhhhhhh so accepting the mere facts of nature is evil? I guess the germ theory of disease is evil too because it's really God punishing us for our sins, either that or it's the Devil and his witches hiding under your bed, waiting to get you sick right?

"Children are robbed of faith in God in public schools. Instead, children are taught that they evolved from "stardust" which somehow formed into a planet, and then life just happened." yeah and the poor kids aren being also taught that gravity is a FACT TOO. THIS HAS NEVER BE PROVEN, IT'S JUST A THEORY! BUT IT HAS BEEN SHOWN THAT GODLESS SCIENTISTS ARE CENSORING THE HOLD THEORY, that merely advocates that life is simply too complex to held down by materialistic gravity alone and wishes to say that an "intelligent holder" is keeping us from floating into space!! (and for the record "evolved from stardust" (complete bastardization of cosmology and biology btw) is closer to what the Bible actually does say, you know the part where man was created directly from dirt......)

"Public schools will show a Harry Potter movie, but never anything about Jesus. How wicked! How evil!" errrr, I actually read the Bible in my public school, we spent alot of time on it............oh yeah BURN HARRY POTTER, HE"S WORKIN FOR THE DEVIL, he may be fictional now, but you just wait, one day when GAWD judges all the heathens, he'll force J.K. Rowling to admit that she wrote Harry Potter to makes kids lose their faith and tolerate each other........and to make kids GAY!

One could go on and on about how incredibly stupid whoever wrote this site is but I think I'll finish up with
"Every child should be taught the Ten Commandments. Every child should be taught faith in God............"
and then a little later...............
"The best education is SELF EDUCATION. Do your own homework and THINK FOR YOURSELF! "


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Lab Rat said...

oh dear ... I went to the site and now feel oddly baffled. I think my favourite bit was that public schools teach children that 1 + 1 = 3

i must have gone to a different school than them...