Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A snake as long as a school bus?! WTF?!

Wow! When I was younger, I used to go to pet stores and the people who worked there used to drape milk snakes and king snakes around my shoulders. I would love it (my mom and dad never liked doing it with me though......). My favorite part in the first Indiana Jones movie was when Indy had that boa in his lap when he was in the airplane, so when I saw this article, I immediately felt the little kid inside me go YAY! However, I doubt that I would appreciate a 2,500 lb snake dropped on me (or in my lap for that matter.)

That's right, this ancient (now extinct) snake was HUGE! Its been apporiately dubbed Titanoboa and it was dug up in Columbia.

The discovery sheds light on the development of the Amazon rainforest and the "comeback" of the reptiles after the dinosaurs died out, along with simply being an amazing find on its own. I mean come on, imagine tripping over this skeleton in your backyard!. This snake is bigger than the fake snake that tried to eat Jennifer Lopez in that stupid Anaconda movie! Hollywood, religion and imagination have nothing on the unbelievable and jaw dropping brilliance of reality. 

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