Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Journal 2

02/09/09 (this was from hella long ago!)

At the same spot in the park, I spotted a black phoebe, particularaly by the way it wags it's tail. There were a few more around, but the little guy who I was watching was able to nab a couple of insects which was cute (except for the insects of course, such is the war of nature). I'm also going to grab a couple of these interesting pine cones that are always littering the ground near these two trees in thie one spot near the park. They tower over all the other willow trees and their some kind of pine (duh) but I'm not sure what species yet. 

It's a much colder day due to the wind chill and I wasn't able to get out for a while because of it. Ah oh, well I'll come back out again as soon as I figure out what kinda pine trees those are.